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This Mentorship Course is also a Healing for Yourself.
Only by learning the Art of Personal Transformation & Holding Space for yourself will you learn to be there for others too. Get ready for an illuminated body!

Why join Movement For Life Mastery?

Main Reasons to Join

What’s happening today? A number of people are ignoring signs that their bodies are giving them and areas such as living with anxiety, fear, pain, body insecurity, lack of self-confidence without being able to set boundaries and feeling disconnected from their feelings. This is the main cause of suffering.


  • I don’t have enough skills to work with the body language of my clients, and they seem to need to feel their bodies and emotion.
  • I don't have control over what's happening to my life, sure there is a better way.
  • I want to bring healing to my clients but you don’t have the tools.
  • I want to feel empowered and self-confident on my life stage.
  • I want to finally grow up, stop acting like a child.
  • I feel tired and almost running into a burnout
  • At the moment i feel anxious and blocked.
  • I feel so insecure, need to set boundaries.
  • I feel abused, never express aggression.
  • I want to take responsibility for my life.
  • I am scared to use my voice.


  • Movement therapy practice.
  • Healing power of movement.
  • The MFL principles.
  • Embodiment activations followed by self-practice.
  • Guidance on becoming a conscious coach.
  • Profound and supportive tribe.
  • Certification.


  • Connection with the body.
  • Mastery of self-expression.
  • More self love.
  • Embodiment of flow.
  • Ability to creating conscious and healthier relationships .
  • Clarity and self-confidence.
  • Expertise to recognize and stop self-sabotage.
  • Overcome mental negative habits.
  • Learn how to set boundaries.
  • Balance and integrate the masculine & the feminine energies.
  • Release trauma, fear & pain.
  • Harmony with your body figure.
  • Healing arts.
  • Emotional intelligence.

  • The highlights of our program


    "I believe we are born stars and meant to shine our light, but life and traumas have damaged us on such a level. I have fought so much to SHINE this light. My misssion is to hold space for as many people as I can to prove to them they are unique and deserve a return to love."

    Gisela Rocha

    Who is this training for?

    This course is for people who want to help themselves & others with issues related to: Self-esteem, feeling stuck in life, a lack of purpose, a lack of vitality, not feeling grounded, shyness, feeling self-conscious about their body, embodiment, nervousness and anxiety. A lack of connection, expressing anger, being uncentered or ‘distracted’ in life.
    You need to heal yourself first to heal others

    You feel stuck in your life, you tend to self-sabotage, your relations are not clear. You need trauma release because you know that you deserve a fulfilled life.

    I love Movement Therapy

    You know the healing power of movement but you don’t have the skills to become a movement facilitator. You want to work with one-on-one clients and groups.

    Integration of Business and Emotional Embodiment

    Your work requires that you spend too much time sitting at a desk, you feel blocked, you experienced burnout and now you choose to prioritise the body-mind relationship.

    Level Up your Coaching- Business

    You are already a coach and you need new dynamics such as movement therapy, conscious healing and activations that will enrich and expand the value of your packages.


    Course Package

    ZOOM Modules: From 10:00 to 16:00 CET, with 30min lunch break

    Feminine Energy

    Mother Constellation
    Gisela Rocha

    Masculine Energy

    Father Constellation
    Gisela Rocha

    Creative Force

    Integration of feminine and masculine
    Gisela Rocha

    Element of lightness

    Gisela Rocha

    Soul Self-Expression

    What you give permission and forbidden fields
    Gisela Rocha

    MFL Laboratory Live Event

    Constellation Mother & Father
    Gisela Rocha

    MFL Laboratory Live Event

    Constellation Inner Child
    Gisela Rocha

    Live Graduation

    You are awarded the Mastery Certificate "Movement for Life".


    Our gallery is full of amazing photos taken on our courses and events.


    San Francisco



    About Gisela Rocha

    Why Would You Trust me? What distinguishes my Program from all the others out there?

    After 30 years of professional choreography and director work presented in America, Europe, Asia and Brazil my deep interest in understanding and helping people has driven me to my current vocation. As a body-mind mentor, therapist, energy healer and group facilitator, my mission is to inspire individuals and groups with my personal physical movement method. I aim to get people to connect with themselves with a greater energy flow than what they currently experience. With my method I "Open Up" people to being more trusting and becoming the best version of themselves. I also use this same method to train teachers. My objective is to accompany them during the learning process and to reinforce their existing knowledge. I also look at ways to enhance their internal capabilities and impart valuable skills which introduce inner harmony. Ultimately my role is to be your co-pilot on this universal human journey of self-love and self-empowerment.
    Gisela Rocha
    Gisela Rocha

    Life Coach


    What Attendees Say

    The reviews from the attendees and clients have been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone has found the mentorship program to be extremely helpful.

    “Most impressive”

    I am eternally grateful for the space you hold for us to transform, for the possibility of recognizing the power in us… This course, the teachings, and you Gisela taught me how to embrace myself, my rhythm, and the rhythms around me . «Movement For Life is not just a regular dance therapy. It's a way of life.
    Daisy Astorga
    Judith Koch


    Gisela Rocha, you guided me into my element the first time. What happened from then on is just mindblowing. I never could stop moving and practising. It was the biggest gift I could receive. And it changed and transformed me as I never could imagine.
    Judith Koch
    Anneli Borg

    “A lot of joy”

    As I started MFL by Gisela Rocha I had very low energy just knowing I had to move, dance. Since that moment everything has changed. I have been going through different resistances, but I have got my power back. I feel fit and have a lot of joy, I am alive and present! I know I am capable to do so much more today, taking fears away is amazing.
    Anneli Borg

    “Your warrior dance”

I love the Warrior Energy:
    I never had an idea how much I could immerse into this kind of style and I was completely shocked WARRIOR ACTIVATION "when I saw how much power it can get out of me and how much stronger and more powerful this energy makes me feel.
    Tara Sinniger

    “I know myself better”

    I’m more conscious of the waves I ride in life, recognizing the flow I’m moving in. I know myself better, in a much more profound way and I can feel the huge healing with my mother, my father & my inner child which is translated into having a very beautiful relationship with my parents now.
    Elena Büzberger

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